Applicable to: Adult Lessons - Surrey Seals 4 - Burnaby Regional Group 3 Lessons Divisional Group 4 Lessons Seals 5 - Burnaby Provincial Group 5 Lessons Seals 6 - Burnaby Seals 7 - Burnaby National Group 6 Lessons Seals 1 - Surrey Seals 2 - Surrey Seals 3 - Surrey Seals 4 - Surrey Seals 5 - Surrey Seals 6 - Surrey Seals 7 - Surrey

By registering my child(ren) with the Dynamo Swim Club, I agree to participate (or allow my child(ren) and family members to participate) in the Dynamo Swim Club, and hereby release Dynamo Swim Club, its directors, officers, agents, coaches, and employees from liability for any injury that might occur to myself (or to my child(ren) and family members) while participating in the Dynamo Swim Club program, including travel to and from training sessions, swim meets or other scheduled team activities.


I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the above mentioned organizations and/or individuals, their agents and/or employees, against any and all liability for personal injury, including injuries resulting in death to me, my child(ren) and/or other family members, or damage to my property, the property to my child(ren) and/or other family members, or both, while I (or my child(ren) or family members) participating in the Dynamo Swim Club program.