Hi Steve & Lidia,
I just wanted to say big Thanks to both of you. I am very glad to have found this club after waiting so long in rec centres waitlist mercy. I was hesistant at first due to cost because I had always sent my girls to rec centre swim lessons but I am surprised to see their progress in just 2 months with Dynamo. It is worth every penny. It is very appreciated to see Lidia personally present at all classes and overseeing the other coaches..I always have peace of mind as a parent that the 2 hours and money I am spending here is making it count. Lidia has been very supportive with any concerns one may have, is great at making connection with kids and cheering them up. My girls love all the coaches they have been with and patiently wait for Lidia's candy treats after a successful swim. 

The club has young but experienced coaches. Steve is so prompt with responding to any queries and making any adjustments needed on your account side. Very accomodating staff who gives parent some flexibility too. Thank you so much Dynamo! Highly recommend to anyone trying to make their kids learn swim fast!!!
Savdeep Kaur
To Whom it May Concern,
We are writing to provide you with valuable information regarding Dynamo Swim Club.
Our son has been swimming with Dynamo Swim Club since 2020. Dynamo is welcoming to swimmers of all levels and the coaching style is exceptional above regular swim lessons. Because of the exceptional coaching at Dynamo, he progressed quickly through the swim lessons, achieved a position training with the Dynamo Swim Club, and now has gained the techniques which enable him to swim at speeds fast enough to complete in Swim Meets.
The athletes at Dynamo have distinguished themselves as true competitors thanks to the impact of Dynamo.  The importance of access to coaching 3-5 times per week is invaluable to these young athletes.   At the competitive level, they represent themselves in and out of the pool with team spirit, tenacity, and as respected competitors.   The coaches have high expectations on these swimmers, and they make the time in the pool also fun and often reward the swimmers with ribbons as they continue to accelerate their personal best times. The program also offers the kids the make news friends, set and achieve personal goals, commitment to training schedules, respect for self and teammates, and community spirit. 
Dynamo is welcoming to swimmers of all levels and the coaching style is exceptional above regular swim lessons. It provides the swimmers with a community.   It is a family of swimmers which offers a supportive environment for children to learn and grow.  The physical growth and fitness participation is invaluable. They are serious about swimming and teaching kids to improve technique and also learning important life skills and good character development through competitive aquatic sport and fitness.  
Successful athletes often become successful humans!  These swimmers are capable to move on to compete for jobs in community centers, apply for scholarships, train for lifeguarding and become leaders in work and in sport. Dynamo Swim Club is making a significant positive impact in the communities which they work and play.  Their program and teaching develops and celebrates the achievements of the athletes and children they coach.
We encourage the pool facilities to continue to provide Dynamo with pool access times fitting for developing these successful aquatic athletes.
Sincerely, Sharon Dillon (Dynamo Parent)   

My daughter Isabella has been learning at Dynamo swimming school since summer 2018. I was so proud and almost shock that my daughter can master all swim styles in one year at your program, and she was able to join swimming team right after. When COVID happened, we must pause swimming, but Dynamo still go above and beyond to offer our kids virtually gathering daily and continue to motivate them do sport at home.
I can’t find other swimming school/club as good as Dynamo so far. My younger daughter just had her vaccination, and I am planning to sign her up soon. However, when I heard, she might have to learn from an outdoor pool from November, it just sounds terrible and not sure why they did this to our kids. I hope city of Burnaby can provide proper facility to our kids to learn.

Isabella and Kaitlyn Chen’s mom
Hi Steve and Lidia;
As a parent of a 5-year-old, I can honestly say that Dynamo has been a saving grace for our family. We moved from Langley to Surrey in 2020 when our son was 3 and watched spots for swim lessons dwindle and evaporate during a critical time for him over the next 2 years. My husband and I called Surrey Recreation in advance of each registration season and diligently went online to register our son. Every season, we could physically see the spots disappear before our eyes, to be “waitlisted” within a minute of the portal opening and never called for a spot. 2 years of our son’s childhood went by with no swim lessons. This is unacceptable. As a family that lives near 2 beaches and visits a recreational property on a lake each summer, we were concerned for our son’s safety. Then enter Dynamo – finally we found that Steve and Lidia and their amazing instructors could take our son into their amazing program. The coaches make our son feel safe and comfortable in the water and in only a couple of lessons he progressed to a level we are already feeling better and safer about. He has always loved the water and this team of coaches has brought out the little athlete in him. I can see him continuing to grow and challenge himself under their teaching. I would encourage you to consider what a positive contribution Dynamo is making to the community. We should be adding more of these sessions, not taking them away. Please don’t take away a gem in our community. Sincerely, Farrah and Aaron Solly
Hi Steve, It would be so sad if they cut the pool hours. My 6 years old son joined the Dynamo swimming lesson in Feb this year. He really loved it and now swimming is his most favorite sport. Dynamo club provided professional and fun swimming lessons to the kids. My son made great progress in the lessons, and I hope he can continue to learn swimming with Dynamo next year. 
Thanks, Yunyan

  Hi Steve,
Dynamo Swim Club has been an experience. Dynamo was really a saving grace when I struggled with finding adult swimming instructors. They quickly accommodated us to their Seal7 adult learning program and started the lessons right away. Weather was never a hindrance in continuing the lessons because of the amazing  indoor setup. With the coaching Dynamo provided, I was able to learn a lifesaving skill in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you, Dynamo Swim Club Team,  Misha

Hi Steve,  I don’t speak much English, but I still write this email because I really like Dynamo. The coaches are nice and patient to the kids.  My son just joined this month, and he really enjoy his swimming lesson. I hope he can stay with Dynamo, it’s not easy to find a high-quality club.  Thank you.  Sandy

To whom it may concern, 
As working parents, we frequently face a roadblock and challenges in finding extracurricular activities that fit our schedules. On the one hand, we hear that the city promotes healthy living lifestyles. On the other hand, we face many challenges in finding extracurricular activities that work for our family schedules.

Dynamo Swimming Club offers flexible schedules and locations that meet our needs. The Swimming Club also has excellent coaches that help my kids advance. I see my kids thrive in every lesson for that. I am grateful to have Dynamo Swimming Club.

I am shocked to learn about the club's recent challenges in dealing with the city and finding pool spaces in the community that is proud to promote healthy lifestyles. In my opinion, Dynamo Swimming Club brings valuable services to the community and eases the stress and anxiety of working parents who struggle to attend public swimming lessons. Please understand that not all parents work Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and not all parents have the luxury of relying on a single income. Please also consider that there are also single-parent families that depend on Sports Clubs such as Dynamo Swimming Club, which provides extended hours and flexibility that are not otherwise offered by the swimming program provided by the city. 
Yours Truly, 
A concerned parent, Jeff Wu

We are honestly so grateful that your club exists and had a spot for him. We’d be absolutely devastated to see this great program have to reduce its services. Not sure I understand their logic in proposing a program reduction in a space that they have such obvious gaps in. 
Let us know if there is anything else our family can do to support. 

My son Theodore has been a member of Dynamo swim club since 2018. We are extremely happy with the club organization and the quality of swimming training. Dynamo is a very unique swim club because Lidia and the other coaches are able to individualize the training and help my son and the other swimmers to reach their potentials and constantly improve. The children are also thought very important skills like respect, self confidence, being punctual and independent. Even during COVID lock-down the coaches used zoom to keep connected to the swimmers everyday and provide dry land practices. Being able to swim with Dynamo is extremely important part of my son's development and I am sure for other swimmers as well. Theodore loves attending the practices and the swim meets. Theodore was swimming for a different swim club before he join Dynamo in 2019 so our observation is based on experience with other swim club and we can confidently say that Dynamo is the better place for him because of the great coaches, organization, location and time for swimming. My son swim at both locations Burnaby and Surrey. We are looking forward for him to continue his practices in September as not being able to swim with Dynamo is going to have negative impact on him.  Alexandra Kostadinova (Theodore's mom 

Hi Steve, 
I was so disappointed after hearing the news.  I don't believe City will be able to provide enough swimming lessons on north Surrey community after they closed the swimming pool at Surrey central. Dynamo is a such great resource for kids who would like to learn swimming.  City should definitely review and reconsider this decision.

Review: My daughters have thoroughly enjoyed swimming at CG Brown and learning valuable life swimming skills through Dynamo.
Bonnie Moncada
Hi Steve, Lidia,
Our kids have signed up for Dynamo this summer on Friday evenings at 7pm. I wanted to share that we've been really happy with the program. It was highly recommended from our friends that also register with Dynamo. We have tried other programs such as the community centre and Swim Fins but we really like Dynamo and the program we have. 
My wife and I are both working parents and often we can't find a time during the weekdays that fits our schedule. Dynamo is perfect for us and we also appreciate having a full hour for lessons. It helps the kids learn much faster. We hope this review helps keep our pool times.
Best regards, Mark Cheung and Lisa Yang (children Alexander and Maki

Hello Dynamo Swim School,
Huge thank you for helping my daughter Sofia learn how to swim! With help of the amazing Dynamo swim teachers, Sofia advanced swimming in 3 months more than she did in years after taking public swim lessons! I wish I signed her up with Dynamo earlier and avoided stress and frustration all parents experience with the public swim lessons. Race to register and get a spot, luck of availability, short and frequently changing lesson schedules, variable quality of swim teachers, frustrating swim level assessment system (levels) that made my daughter not want to do swimming are just some of the issues. Dynamo swim school provides quality, patience, flexibility, consistency, and more. My daughter went from “thinking” she knows how to swim to swimming couple laps in the big pool in such a short period of time and most importantly she is really enjoying it!!!!!
We are looking forward to continuing with the swim school in the fall! Thanks again for the amazing experience!!!!
Regards, Sanja Stojanovic
Hi Steve

Please see below letter for you to Bby Parks Staff. I really hope you can get their attention!!

To the Burnaby Parks Staff

Dynamo has been an amazing swim club and has been wonderful to be able to have focused coaches to improve my son’s swimming. The coaching staff are amazing and the actual opportunity and swim time at Dynamo has made a world of difference. We joined last September wanting him to have the life skill and confidence of being able to swim as we are often on the water in the summertime. My son was taking the same swim lesson over and over at the Bby Rec program and not making much progress. However, after even just one or two lessons at Dynamo he actually gained enough confidence and effective skills to be able to swim a lap. He is now swimming laps back and forth with more ease and know that this summer he will be much safer and happier in the lake.

We can’t fathom sending our child to an outdoor pool in November in these chilly conditions. We love the Dynamo program and hope you will consider indoor pool time to be able to continue our son’s lessons with club.

Best regards,
Nina Inaoka Lee and Joming Lee

My son Ben had taken many sets of Red Cross swim lessons at various Burnaby Community Centres. While it helped him with the basic skills, he got to a point where he had a hard time moving to the next level. For example, he’d master only 80% of the skill set thus not passing, resulting in having to repeat all the lessons in that same level. With each session being ~30 minutes, with ~6 kids sharing one instructor, he wasn’t making much progress. I recognize the Red Cross program is a good fit for many, at the same time, I saw that my son needed a different type of program. 
I enrolled Ben in Dynamo Swim Club through a friend’s recommendation. Since then, I watched Ben improve by leaps and bounds. The ethos and culture of the swim club was a great fit for him: longer lessons, focused drills, being taught by different instructors, swim meets, etc.. I’m so glad we have the choice of swimming with Dynamo. 
I’m sure you’d agree that swimming is an essential life skill. As a parent, I desire for my child to master the basics of swimming while young, before the fear of water sets in. By making room for Dynamo Swim Club to co-exist alongside the Red Cross Swim Program, you’re empowering generations of kids to become avid swimmers by offering them the best environment for their unique learning styles.
After 2 years of pandemic life and being away from the pool, my son Ben had ‘forgotten’ how to swim! His fear of the water was apparent: he wouldn’t even want to put his head in the water. 
Thankfully, our Dynamo swim lessons brought us to the Surrey Guilford Pool. Being residents of Burnaby, this was a new experience for us. One of the many reasons why we love the Guilford Pool is that it has the 1-metre pool in the middle. This proves to be extremely helpful to my son’s post-pandemic swimming transition. The skills he learned in the lesson and was timid to try in the 1.8-metre pool, he was bold to practice them in the 1-metre pool because he could stand up in it. In this pool, I watch him overcome mental barriers and swim freely, and it brings so much joy to my heart. 
Would you continue to make Guilford Pool available to the kids who swim with Dynamo? To so many families, this is their ‘happy place’ where the kids learn to enjoy and excel at swimming. By making room for a swim club alongside the community Red Cross Program, you show you value diversity by allowing families to choose what work for their kids. Your inclusive gesture will for sure result in a stronger community as kids have the opportunity to receive the support they need. 

  To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter in support of Dynamo swim club. We are a family with two young children aged 7 and 9 that live in South Burnaby.  We joined the club last year. Previous to that we had our kids in the Red Cross Swim Kids program at Edmonds community centre. Registering for classes for 2 kids every few weeks or months was very difficult as class dates and times changed with each batch.  Due to the kids' interests and talent, their Swim Kids instructors encouraged us to pursue a swim club.
We were looking for a year-round swim club in our community, where our kids could transition from swimming lessons to swimming competitively.  We chose Dynamo because they are a smaller swim club with a community family friendly feel, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the club uses pools in our community. Our kids swim three times a week, and so we need practices nearby.
In the past year, Canada Games pool has closed, then Edmonds closed (for just the summer we hope) and now CG Brown. There are very few indoor pools for my community as it is now. I feel that Dynamo, a swim club that provides a valuable service to my community, is being threatened because of this.
Without Dynamo, my kids can not swim competitively. Dynamo provides us with consistent weekly pool use 3x/week all year. My kids are now on the swim team. They have bonded with their coaches and have made good friends on the team. They would like to swim competitively - but they can not train in an outdoor pool during the late fall, winter and early spring. It is way too cold for kids my children's age. Secondly, there are no starting blocks nor are the deep ends of the outdoor pools deep enough to practice diving racing starts. They can not go for one year without ever practicing that.
We love Dynamo. We love that it is a smaller, family-friendly competitive swim club that allows my children to swim year-round, race in competitions, and gives those who live in South Burnaby a chance to swim in pools in the community in which they live. Currently, the only indoor pools in South Burnaby for the fall are Edmonds and Bonsor, and neither are available to Dynamo, which is sad.
Thank you for your consideration, Mala Dave

Hi Steve,
I am so sorry to hear that you are facing such challenges in the club programs for the coming year!  I would like to express my support in this email and feel free to forward to the pool management.  
Dynamo has done an outstanding job in teaching my son and his friends to swim in the beginner's program at Guildford for the past year.  Justin has since learned so many skills and advanced beyond my expectations in learning how to swim.  I've recommended numerous friends about your program and am very eager to have Justin return in September.  I understand it is very difficult to run a successful program and the effort you and your staff are putting into it has been amazing.  With registering in a City of Surrey program being so challenging I am very glad my kids have alternatives to enjoy swimming with your club.
All the best to you and enjoy the summer!
Grace Yang

We love Dynamo swim club. We have been looking for a long time for swim classes that meets our needs and Dynamo is the one. They are more expensive then community swims but way more effective. Kids have 30 min dryland and 60 min swimming, so three times more then community swims can offer and the price-value ratio is so much better. At community swim classes the 30 min sessions are way too short, with not much focus on each kid and usually kids need to repeat certain levels a few times without much improvement.
Burnaby City makes it harder and harder to Dynamo to do their job and stay alive, and to be able to give opportunities to many kids who need a higher level of workout that community swim classes can offer. Dynamo Swim Club has 25 successful years behind them and many successful athletes started their sport career at Dynamo. As a Burnaby resident I haven't been able to sign up my 5 year old boy for swim classes at Dynamo for 2 years and still not because Burnaby hasn't lifted the restrictions that other cities had lifted long time ago,so coaches could go in the pool with younger kids to teach them the basics of swimming. We are very worried and disappointed that an awesome and successful club like Dynamo has to face so many difficulties and having a hard time to find partnering swimming pools with enough available time slots for the next season. Kids in Burnaby and the whole lower mainland community need a variety of options for sports, especially swimming that fits their needs, so kids who would like to achieve higher level in swimming need clubs like Dynamo.
Julia Hegedus

Hi there,                                                            I am a mother of two children.  I learned about Dynamo  swim club at the beginning of this year through the introduction of another mother.  It was an honor for my two children to join the Dynamo swim club.  My kids have made a lot of progress during this time and all of this could not have been possible without the help of all the coaches at Dynamo who are a professional, enthusiastic and responsible team!  The kids love them very much.  I would love for the kids to finish all the grades.  Then take the lifeguard exam.  And I know there are a lot of new members coming to join them.  I live in Burnaby and am studying at the Dynamo Swim Club in Surrey, it's a bit of a distance but it's all worth it.  I really hope they can continue to operate.  Give children a good swimming environment.  My English is not good, I hope you understand my request. Sincerely, Fen Liu
I'm writing to you as a parent to say thank you so much for being so passionate about teaching my kid.  Burnaby city should be so grateful to have a Dynamo swimming club because our kids can register to the right program with the right instructors. My son always looks forward to coming to class, and I see how his swimming improves. I feel extremely grateful to have Dynamo Swimming Club as my child's swimming program in Burnaby.
Thanks again,
Sanaz (Arvand's Mom)

Hi Steve,

I am Ashley Tang’ Dad in Burnaby.

We support your program in CG Brown.



We love Dynamo! My daughter was always having a hard time trying to get a spot at the rec center either in the Guildford location or the Fleetwood location. It is always fill up so fast and eventually my daughter would forget the skills before moving to the next level.  
Dynamo is a great swim school with 1 hour each lesson and my daughter has gain so much confidences and skills in the water. She was afraid of water and now she Loves it! We hope there are more times and spots available so we can continue the lessons. 
Heidi Hou
"To Whom It May Concern,
Dynamo Club has been heaven for our little one. When she started her swimming lessons with Dynamo Club, she could not float on her back and was scared of having water in her eyes, but her coach was very understanding and patient. Now after about 10 months, she is already in Seals 7, the last level before Teams and she loves it. Her coaches are knowledgeable, patient, fun, and show a real interest in coaching. 
Dynamo Club has become a very important member of our community providing swimming lessons that help kids thrive. Before finding Dynamo Club, we researched everywhere for a swimming club that provides lessons that lead to competitive swimming. We were happy to find Dynamo Club because it was closer to our house than other clubs ( Burnaby locations), but most of all because we finally found the perfect club that was offering what we were looking for - swimming lessons that lead to competitive swimming.
If I were to give a score, Dynamo Club would get 10 points out of 10, where 10 means the best."
Hope this helps,
Hi Steve,
I heard about the challenges that Dynamo Swim club has been having with the City of Burnaby and Surrey regarding access to pool time.  
I want to start off by saying that it would be a shame that either City does not give Dynamo Swim club more priority with their pool times. Both of my children have been attending Dynamo for the past 1.5 years and I cannot say more about how much it has improved their swimming and confidence in the water.  They were not strong swimmers before joining Dynamo because the lessons through the City of Burnaby were not as impactful (which I think was due to less actual swim time per lesson for various reasons that I observed).  I definitely would prefer to see my children continue with Dynamo over the city classes if possible.
I heard that the City of Burnaby could only offer your club outdoor pools starting in November.  I cannot fathom the kids swimming outdoors at that time of year when temperatures are much colder.  As a parent, this would be a safety concern for me.  
With regard to the City of Surrey only able to offer classes on Sat & Sunday, I surely hope they can reassess that and give your club priority for weekday sessions as well.
I wish Dynamo Swim club the best and that you are successful in continuing your programs that have taught so many children over the years learn how to swim.  I hope both the City of Burnaby and Surrey can re-evaluate and work something with you to keep the program going.
Thank you,
Danny Duong

Hi Steve, My son Ryan just turned 7 years old in May. He has made big progress since he started learning swimming in Dynamo from March. He got promoted from seals 5 to seals 7. The training methods of Dynamo are very efficient, the coaches are very nice and helpful, the fee for the training is very reasonable. We love Dynamo and plan to train here for many years to come.  As Burnaby residents, We are very happy and proud that we have such a high quality club in our neighbourhood. We hope with our whole heart that Dynamo will be able to stay here! Thank you! Gary

Hi Steve,
I am so shock after I saw the email. Both my kids are very love their swimming classes and their coaches. It is very hard to find a swimming class in Surrey Guildford area. We are so happy that both my boys learned how to swim during last September to now. Dynamo is the best choice for kids who is new to swim and want to improve their swimming skills. My friends are waiting to join the club in September. Please keep Dynamo for our young children.


Hi Steve,
I would like to thank Dynamo Swim Club for the confidence and coaching provided to Aaron , my five year old.The early age is crucial for kids to learn life skills such as swimming. Post the pandemic we tried to look for lessons everywhere but all was full within minutes of opening.We are so glad  Aaron got a spot to learn swimming twice a week with Dynamo.
The Guildford rec center is perfect location for our family as we are members of the rec center. Aaron loves swimming and we are hopeful that he is able to continue to advance with the amazing program that you offer.
Our sincere gratitude to you and your entire team. Poonam, Sanjiv and Aaron Rajappa 

Hi Steve,
I would like to share this brief review with you on our experience with Dynamo in the time we have been members.
Our son is not one for team sports or external activities at all, we have tried many clubs and sports in the past, but he did not take to them.  Since joining Dynamo he has become more confident and competitive. His goal was to progress through the Seal levels and join the swim team, and this season he did.  He is incredibly happy with this achievement, and we couldn't be prouder.  Dynamo is a great club, and i would recommend it to anyone.  We are very much looking forward to next season which we hope will get a nice new location after CG Brown is closed.  We would be at a loss without a good, local, indoor swim club like Dynamo.
Steve & Family 

Hi Steve
I wanted to write you this email to acknowledge the positive impact you are making to the community and especially for my child.
I see the children training with you every week (including my son) and I can see how they absolutely love the program. I also see how quickly the children move to the next level giving me assurance that the children not only learn an essential life skill but also enhance their confidence and capability to do well in other sports as well.
It would be absolutely devastating if this program would be discontinued as I have no clue where else we can go get our children trained on the reasonable rates you provide. 
Please let me know if you would like me to reach out to anyone else in particular to support the case for the Dynamo swim club continuing at Surrey Guildford.
Thanks Kiran Hi Steve,
I’m writing to express how grateful we are to Dynamo Swim club and how much we are concerned about the future of the club.
Our sons started with the club in 2018 and right away liked the atmosphere, coaches and their peers at the club. Boys had progressed so much that they were invited to become a part of the Swim Team late spring this year. They are so proud of it! We, as parents, greatly appreciate several aspects of being a part of the Dynamo Swim Club: Our children enjoy each and every day they go to swimming lessons. They ask us to sign them up to 5 days a week! Each coach has careful and thoughtful approach. Children are taught to do their best, overcome difficulties and grow as athletes. Children learn how to reach goals as a team while respecting strong areas of each team member and supporting areas of growth in everyone. All ages are welcome and respected. Multiple times we witnessed how elder team members respectfully helped younger ones. Never brushed them off if younger swimmers started conversations or reach out for anything. Our children became friends with other club members and spend time outside of swimming club with them. Dynamo facilitates well-rounded development of children, not just help them learn to swim. Our children are proud to be on the Dynamo swim team and promote it within their school – happily sharing memories and ribbons from each competition they participated. We referred several families to the club and they all are very pleased with their experience. On the flip side, we are really concerned about the future of the club because Cities’ proposed schedules won’t facilitate the growth of this wonderful company but will even be harmful for this club.  It is frustrating that both Burnaby and Surrey proposed a schedule that is not sustainable. Recently, Burnaby Park staff informed the Club that Dynamo will be moved to an outdoor pool in November 2022. Considering that the club offers swimming classes to children from 4 to 18 years old, it’s obvious that no parent will agree to that outdoor swimming “offer”. Rather than allowing Dynamo to expand their time at the pool, where they can cater even to parents’ needs (I spoke with at least 10 parents in the club and all of them expressed their interest to swim at the same time as their children), the City is going to take away even time that our children have at the pool! Surrey district staff also advised that Dynamo’s time at the pool will be taken away in 2023 and it will be limited to 2 hours Saturday and Sunday (of course it’s not enough even for beginners). We really hope that Dynamo will get at least the same amount of indoor pool hours for 2023 as in 2022! Dynamo Swim Club deserves only support and praise from each city where it provides swimming classes!
Please let us know if there is anything else you need from us to support the club.
Sincerely yours, Daria Ugandeeva, Anton  Ugandeev

Hello Steve, I read your note about the upcoming changes to the pool availability in Guilford. Being a resident of Surrey, I think it is unfortunate that Dynamo's time slots at the pool are being restricted to weekend only. 
Placing my 7-year-old and 5 year old kids with Dynamo swim club at the start of 2022 has been a great decision which I am proud of. 
As you know, we get lessons 3 days a week, all on weekdays. This is helping my kids learn and excel in swimming under Dynamo's excellent and engaged coaches, led by Lidia. For our family, lessons on weekdays are ideal as this allows us to engage in other family activities over the weekend. 
I hope that you could continue with the current schedule that you have and if at all possible Dynamo's time slot at Guilford pool could be move 1 - 2 hours ahead I.e start at 5 pm (instead of 7). 
Kind regards Usman
  Hi Steve,
My name is Kateryna Ananyeva, mom of Maria Shapovalov who has been swimming with the Dynamo Club since April. I wanted to thank you for all the care and attention the coaches are giving to kids, particularly, Maria. They work with each child on their movements and tailor their approach to the child's level of understanding. I love how practice sessions are both very active and fun. Maria progressed with her swimming a lot during this seemingly short time. I hope your Club will get the swimlanes needed to offer these sessions to kids, because I see how participation in the sessions benefited my daughter's physical and mental development.
Sincerely, Kateryna Ananyeva.

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