Dynamo Newsletters, Jan. 2022


The New Year 2022 had a very good start for Dynamo Swim School with a good attendance and new swimmers joining our programs.

Congratulations to all swimmers that had been promoted to next Seal group and Swim Team!

We are all very proud of your improvements!

At Christmas Party it was fun and all of you won a prize and a ribbon at MINI SWIM Meet.





Next MINI SWIM MEET is going to be this Friday 21st January, 2022 at CGBrown pool from 4:00-6:00pm. Everyone can participate and win ribbons and have fun.  Entry fees $10 and you can Register and pay at the pool. Mini Meet Program  Warm up: 4:00-4:15 pm Swim Meet: 4:15-6:00 pm Events: 1-25 m Freestyle Seals 4 2-50m Back Seals 5 3- 50 m Breaststroke Seals 6 4- 50m Fly Seals 7 5-200 IM Swim Team  After the swim competition we are going to have relays and game.  SWIM TEAM We welcome all new members to Dynamo Swim Team! You are part of a proud successful Swim Team with history and tradition. Mini Meet is a great opportunity for all members to see their improvements and qualify for the next level competition. Next sanction competition LMR Championship is going to be in Langley on the 5,6 Frbruary, 2022. All swimmers must have achieved the following 200 IM standard at a sanctioned competition Event 10yr &Under 12yr & Under 14yr & Under 15yr & Over 200 IM 03:55.00 03:30.00 03:20.00 03:10.00 Disqualification Rules  1 Swimmers with BC Divisional standards are de-qualified by event in which they have the qualifying time in the oldest age group. For example, an 11yr old has a BC Divisional time of a 12yr old they would be DE qualified.  2 Swimmers with a BC Provincial Championship standard are de-qualified by event in which they have the qualifying time in the oldest age group. For example, an 15yr old has a BC Champ time of a 15yr old they would be DE qualified. 3 Swimmers who have achieved a Western/CJC/Summer National/ Trials standard are dequalified from the meet.  Event Entry Requirements The following standard is required to swim the 400 FR & 400 IM Event 10yr &Under 12yr & Under 14yr & Under Open 400 FR 06:45.00 06:15.00 05:45.00 05:30.00 4. If have the qualification time coaches are going to enter you in this competition. You need to let us know before the 27th of January, 2022 if you are not going to participate. Contest of this month for swim team. If you have the best attendance, you can win a price by the end of the month. Keep up the good work! 👍  Lidia Menzies Director of Swimming