Since I was 10, I have been an active swimmer. With a background in aquatics, swimming had a big impact on my life and because of it, I believe it helped me not only in my athletic abilities but also my mentality. Now I would like to use my experience to teach young swimmers to improve their skills in the water. With my athletic background in amateur sports, boxing and now fencing, I want to motivate the next generation of competitors.
Currently, I am competing for the SFU fencing team while working as a Dynamo swim coach. I hope for the best in my work, and I am excited about the future

Hardworking and dedicated high school student and athlete with a background in competitive swimming focused on going above and beyond to support the team and coach young swimmers. A skilled communicator and problem-solver with many volunteer hours. Motivated to continue to learn and grow as one of Dynamo coaching  team members.​​​​​​​


I have  been swimming for majority Of my life . Swimming has played a large role in my life from swimming competitively to swimming for fitness. I swam with Dynamo for over 10 yrs and My favourite swims include  200 fly and 400 fr, I also enjoyed sprints but endurance swimming was more of my strong suit. I learned a lot from swimming from self discipline to leadership, which is why I would like to pass on what I’ve learned to future generations of swimmers.

 I’m currently a 4nd yr Student SFU majoring in Chemistry and I am exited to be part of Dynamo coaching staff.


I have been a swimmer since the age of 10, competing in regional competitions in Brazil. With several years of experience as both a swimmer and instructor, I aim to share the passion and benefits of swimming. I'm here to assist you in exploring the world of water, achieving your goals, and enjoying the aquatic journey. Let's dive together into this exciting experience!
I am  ambitious and friendly individual with a strong educational background in  Customer Relations specialist and high performance swimmer from Barzil. Looking to work with Dynamo where I can  contribute my knowledge and skills to achieve all my swimmers  goals.​​​​​​​

Jessie Hua


My name is Jessie, I've been swimming competitively since I was 6 years old and made a lot of achievements throughout my years of swimming! I am currently a high school student and I am still swimming competitively. I am looking forward to help the next generation of swimmers improve their skills to achieve their goals! ​​​​​​​



Director of Swimming/Head Coach

Lidia founded the Dynamo Swim Club in 1998. Lidia swam competitively for Romania placing first in National and International competitions. She continued to race at the Masters level and placed first in her disciplines from 1983 through 1990. She also placed first in the Naytikh Ebdomada Competition in Greece in 1992. Lidia emigrated from Romania in 1992. Since she started coaching in 1982 Lidia has trained a number of very successful swimmers at all levels. Some of her swimmers have reached the international stage and swam at Olympic and Para Olympic Games  A Professional Head Swim Coach with over 38 years of progressive experience in the coaching field. Skilled in talent identification, organizing, working with athletes in all age groups and levels, including disabled athletes.
Lidia got a Masters Degee in Phisical Education and Level 4 in coaching. She earned a reputation for developing coaches and swimmers to achieve their maximum performance levels, mentoring responsibilities related to the overall enhancement of coaching knowledge, and promoting enthusiasm. Lidia also published the book "Talent Identification in Swimming" in Canada 1995. More about Lidia on youtube.



National level athlete from India. I love teaching and coaching

swimming and pass on all my education and passion for swimming to the next generation of swimmers at Dynamo Swim Club.


My whole life is connected with sports and I am very happy and proud of it. I swim regularly and hone my swimming skills even now. I am the mother of two boys with whom I have been practicing in the water since their birth. I would be happy to help your child become familiar with the water and teach him how to swim. I speak English and Russian.
I have passed the certification and have:
Current AMOA Fast Track (for Lifeguards), Canada, BC - 2023
Current Bronze Cross, Canada, BC - 2023
Current Standard First Aid certificate, Canada, BC - 2023
Current CPR level C and & AED certificate, Canada, BC – 2023
Current Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor, Canada, BC – 2023

Brian Pradel

My name is Brian and I'm from La Paz Bolivia. I've been a competitive swimmer for the past nine years and also worked as an assistant coach for different teams. I want to share my knowledge to kids in order to build a strong connection with the water and with the sport itself, as it is a difficult and demanding activity. I learned a lot trough swimming and it helped me to be better physically and mentally showing me that if you love what your are doing becomes more than just a sport. I'm really looking forward to create and develop a new generation of swimmers able to compete at their very best and show responsibility and teamwork through our journey.



 My name is Anmol Gill. I first started swimming when I was 3 years old when my mom forced me. I did it for about 8 years and did not like it one bit. But, as I got older I slowly started to love it. Especially after swimming in the ocean this summer. I first started working as a support worker for one-on-one support within swimming lessons for youth on the spectrum. I have worked a lot with kids on the spectrum and/or might have ADHD. I am a linguistics and animal biology student currently at the University of British Columbia. I am really excited to help teach kids how to swim and further grow my knowledge of swimming.